Get to know the essence of Sigma.

In Our Sigma Era

In a digital world filled with noise and competition, a visionary named Amina Heiress embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary. With her fiery passion for entrepreneurship and a mind brimming with creativity, she set out to establish a digital marketing agency like no other. And thus, Sigma Crtn was born.

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Like no other.

Sigma Crtn is not just any ordinary agency. It embodies the essence of a Sigma, a personality archetype of a dominant introvert who values self-reliance and independence. Sigma Crtn believes in the power of uniqueness and self-worth. While others seek validation through social hierarchies, Sigma Crtn draws strength from its very being. Our team of highly skilled experts specializes in brand positioning, storytelling, and all forms of digital marketing, ensuring that our clients’ messages not only reach their target audience but also resonate and inspire.

Standing Out.

We understand that standing out in the digital realm requires more than just marketing tactics. It necessitates a deep understanding of oneself and a belief in one’s own worth.


We help our clients find their brand’s authentic voice, guiding them on a journey of brand-discovery and empowerment.

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Become unforgettable.


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